Unleash the force of a 60-volt battery-powered pump,
driving hydraulic power to new heights!

The Power Team PB43 Series Hydraulic Battery-Powered Pump offers high flow, a long-life 8ah 60v battery, and a wide range of valve configurations to meet a wide array of high-pressure applications requiring portability, speed, and performance.
Designed for substitution of electric, gas, or air-powered pumps with high flow capability. The Power Team PB43 Series Hydraulic Pump delivers the performance needed to improve productivity while keeping safety in mind. 

Value Delivered

  • 130 High-Pressure cycles on an RD106 cylinder, providing 30 minutes of continuous run time on a single charge
  • Two-stage, high-pressure (10k PSI) hydraulic pump offers quick tool advancement in the first stage
    with industry-leading second-stage mid-pressure flow:

    • 480 in3/m Stage 1 to 500 PSI
    • 82 in3/m 2,000 PSI
    • 70 in3/m 5,000 PSI
    • 62 in3/m 7,000 PSI
    • 54 in3/m 9,000 PSI
    • 43 in3/m 10,000 PSI
  • Quiet operation at 75 dBA, ideal for indoor use or noise-sensitive environments.
  • Various valve options for a customized hydraulic circuit.
  • Lightweight, portable with an integrated lifting handle
  • Battery, charger, cage, and valve choice included.