New SC-Series Battery Powered Hydraulic Pump

Compact, fast, precise, and with an extended battery runtime

The new SC-Series Cordless Battery Pump is compact, lightweight, and precise. It gives hydraulic tool users the power to do so much more in confined areas – free from extension cords, air hoses, and actuating manual pumps.

As the first pump to feature the new Enerpac 54 Volt battery platform, the SC-Series Pump heralds a new era of exceptional runtimes, productive speeds, and precision control – all packed into a compact and portable design.

Compact and highly portable

This isn’t just an alternative to manual pumps; the SC also excels at jobs normally handled by small electric and air hydraulic pumps. With a weight of just 20.2 lbs (9.2kg), it can be easily carried over long distances and up to high working areas.

The new pump has similar dimensions to most hand pumps but needs less height clearance to actuate. This can be helpful in confined spaces – especially when there’s little space for the other tools, materials and items needed to get the job done.

Extended battery runtime keeps you productive

Until now, limited battery run times forced operators to use alternative types of pumps, or to carry several batteries to each job – especially on bigger and higher cycle jobs.

The SC pump uses the new Enerpac 54V 4ah, high-capacity lithium-ion battery. On a single charge it can complete more than forty 1.5” (38mm) lifts with a 22-ton load on a 30-ton cylinder. It can also split 57 2” heavy hex nuts (2 splits per nut).

The battery powers the high-performance brushless motor which delivers high-flow rates and twice the life of brushed motors.

Delivering speed with precision

The impressive speed offered by the SC pump doesn’t come at the expense of control. The thumbwheel adjustable speed control provides the precision of a hand pump, and the manual release valve offers precise retraction control. The number of undershoot or overshoot attempts to align or level objects is minimized – keeping you on time and on schedule.

Versatile for multiple applications

The applications possible with the new SC pump span across many different industries; including maintenance, manufacturing, construction, rail, and wind power. The portability and fingertip precision it offers are set to make this pump a sure winner for those looking to boost productivity and take on more higher cycle jobs.

The New Enerpac SC-Series Hydraulic Pump

  • Compact, lightweight design for access and use in tight workspaces.
  • Cordless convenience eliminates extension cords, noise and emission producing generators.
  • Ideal for lifting, alignment and other applications requiring high precision in advance and retract.
  • High-performance brushless motor supplies high-flow rate for increased productivity and twice the life of brushed motors.
  • 54 Volt 4 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery for extended runtimes and larger applications.
  • Fast charge 54 Volt charger provides charge status, battery temperature out of range, and damaged battery indication.
  • 1 liter oil capacity for a wide range of cylinders and tools.
  • Bladder reservoir allows pump use in any position and reduces contamination.
  • Optional heavy-duty and ergonomic pendant.
  • Accessory shoulder strap SSTRP55 attaches to integrated steel rings for enhanced portability.

Click here to view the SC-series Cordless Battery Pump Brochure