C. H. Bull Company at the request of Shimmick Construction has supplied a custom  Bridge Jacking  System capable  of lifting 32,000 tons (64,000,000 lbs) from  96 jacking points.

The jacking system will be used to raise the main channel crossing section of the Dumbarton Bridge, allowing Shimmick Construction to  earthquake retrofit, level and then repave the bridge over two 3 day bridge closures.

The challenge was to be able to quickly cycle Simplex low profile (7-1/2”)  locknut  single acting 300 ton and 400 ton jacks. Some of the jacks will have to be cycled 5 times to level the bridge. C. H. Bull designed a vacuum retracting system that can fully retract  (8) 400 ton locknut jacks in less than 7 minutes. Being able to quickly jack the Bridge will allow Shimmick Construction enough time to  complete the rest of the work required during the closures.



Vacuum Manifold         

Calibrating 400 ton Jack

C. H. Bull Company  has the capability of designing jacking systems for all of your Hi-tonnage lifts and moves.

C. H. Bull Company has been in business since 1930. We have been selling and renting jacking systems for over 60 years. We can help you find a solution for all your Hi-tonnage lifting needs.

In addition to representing all the major jack manufacturers we have the largest rental fleet of hydraulic jacks west of the Mississippi. We have jacks to 665 tons and  strokes to 48”.