How can C. H. Bull Co. Help me?

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Risk Assesment & Site Evaluation We will walk through your plants, offices, job sites and other work enviroments to assess your risks, evaluate your needs and develop solutions.
  • Elevated locations, (HVAC, access ladders, skylights...)
  • Leading edge exposure (roofs, docks, mezzanines...)
  • Roofs
  • Rescue plans
Design & Engineering (System Selection) We will design and engineer solutions for identified, non-compliant areas.
  • Regulatory Compliance ( OSHA, CAL-OSHA, ANSI )
  • Develop system specs
  • Custom manufacturing capabilities
  • Manufacturing contacts
Manufacturing We can manufacture components needed to support the plan developed by our design and engineering team.
  • Custom Components
  • Structural supports
Distributor Our inventory and resources provide a wide array of manufactured products to suit any need.
  • Personal fall arrest equipment - (harnesses, landyards, SRL's )
  • Lifelines, systems; permanent or temporary
Certified Installation Experienced, professional teams of installers.
  • Factory trained
  • Manufacturer authorized
  • State of the art product knowledge
  • Can determine the real time a project will require to minimize your downtime
Contractor Installation Start to finish installation
  • Licensed California Contractor
  • Experienced installation teams
  • Project management
  • Complete turnkey solutions
Training Training is a big part of becoming and remaining compliant
  • System and site specific training
  • Equipment and maintenance
  • End user
  • Hands-on, classroom, facility & site locations
Compliance & Documentation Documentation of compliance is critical.
  • Full or partial creation of your Operating Proceedures Outline Sheet ( OPUS )
  • Annual inspection and certification of installed systems
County of Sacramento

For nearly 5 years we struggled with developing a cost-effective fall protection system for our 6-story courthouse. C. H. Bull Co. met with us, helped us define requirements and designed and installed a very cost-effective solution. In addition, they developed the Operating Manual and conducted training for personnel who would be using the system. We are most impressed by their professionalism, responsiveness and follow through, as well as their price for the services provided. They really provided us with the total solution approach we had been seeking.

Chuck Robuck

County of Sacramento

St. Ignatius Church-

San Francisco

C. H. Bull Co. came up with an elegant solution to a very difficult problem. We needed access to dangerous walkways 45' above the main floor and we didn't want to mar the beauty of this century old church. The solution of collapsible railings with custom fascias completely hides the railing, provides the safety we need and is not visible at all when not in use. C. H. Bull Co. did far more than supply the equipment. They secured the required engineering and a competent contractor experienced in this kind of dangerous work and then followed through the entire project to insure a successful installation. The project finished on schedule with little interruption of the church's normal activities. Everything was beyond our expectations, and we would be happy to work with C. H. Bull Co. on any future project.

Howard Case

Capital Projects

St. Ignatius Church

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